Subject(s): beamer | box | mapping | projection

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box


Discovered by Arno

May 18, 2010


  1. ganesh_auroville

    beamer projection on a 3D surface, awesome.

  2. none

    Remarkable. Amazing.

  3. hans

    incredible stuff! but i’m at a loss to understand why the person filming didn’t just set up the camera at a fixed point far enough back so that the entire thing could be seen the whole time. the camera floating around and cutting off part of what is happening does a disservice to this remarkable display!

  4. Kristen

    I imagine that if the camera had been kept in a fixed position we’d have gotten no sense of the 3-dimensionality of the thing. It’s fantastic, and keeping it handheld and mobile, we can properly see how the 3D space is lit. Beautiful work.

  5. Cullen

    So the camera man needs some lessons on suicide at this point, stop getting so close you can’t see the out most details. Are you blatantly retarded? Other than that the projection is amazing. I’m so stunned by it, the camera man kinda ruined a lot for me though.

  6. Effy

    oh my god…where can I get one?!!!!!

  7. ajay

    i want to know how to do this (or who to pay to do this for me) so i can trip balls in front of it for hours.

  8. hello1234

    this reminds me of my last DMT trip. its all blending together… but then its clay. and theres a gnome.

  9. soulsofsolace

    I agree that the camera really isn’t too bad, it gives you a nice sense of the space as if you were there rather than a static camera. Also, I love how the lines trace the buildings and then explode into particles as well as how it transforms into a city with light trails. Probably one of the best projection mappings I’ve seen so far, although some very creative ones have been made on buildings.

  10. Hermitbiker

    …. awesome 3D projection of light !!

  11. celestae

    i dont think the camera is an issue, it was probably someone who only has a camera phone, give them a break…. you can see what it is, thats whats important.
    Its so clever the lining up of the projecter must have to be so precise.. truly amazing

  12. Caleb

    The camera man was moving around so much b/c the creator was trying to create a sense of realism. It would seem that they are trying to get you to believe that this is projection mapping. In reality it’s just someone recording a pile of white objects, All this other stuff was done after, there is no single point, that you could achieve all of this from. You would need multiple projectors, then you would have a problem of the cameramans shadow. Unless it were rear projected through translucent material. But then the description says the boxes are cardboard…..oh and interesting how the camera only loses focus when tracking this madness only at times when aesthetically pleasing,

  13. Andrew

    Reminds me of Rolling.


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