Buprestidae Metallica

This beetle is an evolvement of the Euchroma Giganteum beetles which are actually not evaluated to be endangered at this moment. These beetles frequently visit flowers, and various other deciduous trees or large shrubs, where they feed on pollen. They use their hard...

Jewel beetle

The mechanism by which some beetles have evolved to look like faces is called "aposematism" or "masquerade." As a form of camouflage or defence mechanism. Buprestidae Chromatic is a cybernetic evolvement of the jewel beetle. Which is ranked in the top 10 of most...

Monarchetype Tigre

Monarchetype Tigre evolved to avoid extinction by fusing with Wasp DNA. Wasps play a crucial role in many ecosystems, serving as pollinators, predators of pest insects, and food sources for other animals. Due to intensive agriculture and their use of pesticides,...

Viridis Powelliphanta

Snails can live for 20 years or more. It is illegal since 1982 to collect shells of Powelliphanta; collecting live animals for their shells have made some species rarer, but some species also need to feed on discarded shells to recycle their calcium lining. This...

Monarchetype Masaica

The Monarch butterfly The iconic Monarch butterfly was once a familiar sight, now plummeting toward extinction due to landscape-scale threats from pesticides, development and climate change. The western population is suffering a 99% decline. They are threatened by...

Monarchetype Nymphalidae

The monarch butterfly is at greatest risk of extinction, having declined by an estimate of 99.9%, from as many as 10 million to 1.914 between 1980 and 2021 according to IUCN. This is due to the use of pesticides and herbicides used by farmers in intensive agriculture....

Discotecus rotundatus

Discotecus rotundatus is a species of small, air-breathing, land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk. Its almost indestructible shell is clearly recognised by predators and can fire glitter to scare them off. Adapted to the threat of global warming by...

Calosomatic scrutator

Nr4. Calosomatic scrutator is a cybernetic evolvement of a large ground beetle that usually lives in North America. Also known as the fiery searcher and caterpillar hunter. A Holarctic genus distributed in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North and Central America. They...

Elaprator cupreus

Nr 3. Elaprator cupreus is a cybernetic evolvement of a ground beetle native to Palearctic (the largest of the eight biogeographic realms of the Earth). It stretches across all of Eurasia north of the foothills of the Himalayas, and North Africa. Evolved after the...



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