Project Entomorphologic Collection

Dytiscus digitalis The first one in the series! Entomorphologic is a project I started with an ecological aspect through the use of A.I. generated visualisation. Increasing the empathy for insects by taking real insects as a base. Analysing their characteristics. And...

Digitalis phyllodes

The second one in the series. A.I. Visualisation made to raise awareness of the worldwide decline of insect populations as part of the Entomorphologic project. Digitalis phyllodes, a cybernetic evolvement of a ground beetle, also known as the violin beetle. For...

Elaprator cupreus

Nr 3. Elaprator cupreus is a cybernetic evolvement of a ground beetle native to Palearctic (the largest of the eight biogeographic realms of the Earth). It stretches across all of Eurasia north of the foothills of the Himalayas, and North Africa. Evolved after the...

Calosomatic scrutator

Nr4. Calosomatic scrutator is a cybernetic evolvement of a large ground beetle that usually lives in North America. Also known as the fiery searcher and caterpillar hunter. A Holarctic genus distributed in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North and Central America. They...



Web design

Website for art foundation to function as a social community portal. Including forum functionality.

Website for art foundation to display the diversity of art projects. Including webshop.

Website for consultant agency

Website for theatre including ticket selling system.

Website for Acrobatics duo, including logo design.

Website for still-life photographer including video and hosting.

Website for Chinese Language and design studio including webshop, weblog, podcast system.

Website for public space art project.

Website for Business Communication Consultancy.

Website for international collaborating consultancy

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