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Project Entomorphologic Collection

Dytiscus digitalis The first one in the series! Entomorphologic is a project I started with an ecological aspect through...

AI art

This AI art is a glimpse at the future of synthetic media. One of several applications of image analysis algorithms ....

Community website

Community website for the beetotem art project

Business card design

Business card design made for a congres.

Website design

Finished the website of the Blindpainters art foundation: www.blindpainters.org

Website coding

Responsive website coding made for Theater. Including ticket ordering system. See life at www.munganga.nl  

3D product design

3D modelling and rendering and production of a coffee bean shaped coffee cup as part of an exhibition with sound and...

Jewellery visualisation

Modelling of ring sketches into 3D for production purposes.



Illuminated mirror installation by Teamlab.

Octagon portals

OCTAGON WALL PORTAL, 2019 by Anthony James
Steel, glass, LED Lights


Kinetic sculpture in Changu Airport (terminal 4).

Acrylic effect

3D volumetric hologram


Impressive data sculpture created by the team at Ouchhh: [video width="724" height="720"...


This is fun. Augmented reality but using projection.


A beautiful lightform sculpture created by Mr. G Munkowitz, Architect Lorenzo Vianello, Projection Mapping Wizard Philip...

Interactive dance experience

enra – motion graphics performing arts –  Fusing Technology and Performance Art


Reset by Arno Vrijman


River. Music by Arno Vrijman


Resistance. Dance music by Arno Vrijman.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAxCe8cKVY8 Short version of dance music try-out.

Soundtrack for short film

[video width="1280" height="720"...

Soundtrack 48h filmfestival

[video width="1280" height="720"...

Non existing movie soundtrack

Soundtrack made for a non existing movie: