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Digitalis phyllodes


Designed by Arno

January 16, 2023

The second one in the series.

A.I. Visualisation made to raise awareness of the worldwide decline of insect populations as part of the Entomorphologic project.

Digitalis phyllodes, a cybernetic evolvement of a ground beetle, also known as the violin beetle. For defence purposes, they secrete the poisonous butyric acid. This species can be found in rainforests of Southeast Asia. These beetles possess a flat leaf-shaped, shiny black or brown body with distinctive violin-shaped translucent elytra. Which protects them against predators, while their flat shaped body allow them to dwell in soil cracks or under the bark and leaves of trees. Both adults and larvae are predators, feeding on insect larvae.

The music, is called: March of the insects and is composed by Arno Vrijman in collaboration with Anton Lustig. More about the project as well as other visualisations can be found here: If you like the project and would like to support, or just to have this image on your desktop background or as canvas on your wall, go to


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