combination generation


Composed by Arno

April 12, 2006

The assignment was to create a ritual with compatible product-family of ‘holy’ artifacts, which make drinking coffee a unique and meaningful happening that breaks every day life.

We are in a hurry. It is a pity, but true, society claims high demands, time is money, free time is expensive, there is so much to do in so little time. In this race we loose a little bit of ourselves. Sometimes it is better to slow down, to contemplate, to stop for a while and ask yourself what you are doing.



Two dancers dwell on the stage. Their movements are hasty and wild. After a while the music goes softer. The underground trembling of a didgeridoo blends in. The dancers calm down. On soft, relaxing sounds the movement of the dancers are easy to follow. They un-haste. To finally stop.

Silence. A light beam drops on an empty stage. The surroundings are dark. Suddenly speedy and loud sounds hurries through space. A heavy base is pounding. Fast hard sounds fly in the air.

Images of the dance movement are recorded with a photo camera with 15 second opening time. Creating visual lines, matching shape of sound.

A new coffee cup.
The results were seen at 2 February 1999 in the Cultural Center of Delft, Netherlands. A performance of redesigned rituals and matching artifacts. The dance ritual is performed on own composed music which can be listened to in the sound section.


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