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Recente projecten

Soundtrack for short film

Soundtrack made for the above submission at the Subtravelling, 9th TMB International Short Film Festival 2018. The festival is groundbreaking, owing to its innovative features, as it brings short films to transport networks. The movie made it to the finals at Subtravelling Film Festival of Barcelona 2018 and will be shown in Seoul SMIFF Filmfestival 2019.



Rediscovered this old song I made in 1998. Jungle made out of jungle sounds. Using rain forest sounds, monkeys,old human tribe voices.



Need sound? iFolio studio is also a music production company offering music in various styles and for various purposes:  Soundtracks for film, promotional activities, games, websites, advertising, theater, presentations, YouTube or any other online movies. Need sound? Don’t hesitate to contact iFolio.
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See More

See More

And another song for the podcast. Using orchestra sounds mixed with current progressive techno.
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Wedding song

Wedding song

Assignment: create a hillbilly techno alternative wedding song for wedding between art and agriculture organized by Kultivator. Played during the event and in public transport to get attention for the event.



Music composition study using Logic Pro



music made with Ableton Live
video collage made with Ulead Videostudio



Here is an electro song for the pod cast made in 1993 using software called impulse tracker. A tribute to coffee.

combination generation

combination generation

The assignment was to create a ritual with compatible product-family of ‘holy’ artifacts, which make drinking coffee a unique and meaningful happening that breaks every day life.

We are in a hurry. It is a pity, but true, society claims high demands, time is money, free time is expensive, there is so much to do in so little time. In this race we loose a little bit of ourselves. Sometimes it is better to slow down, to contemplate, to stop for a while and ask yourself what you are doing.



Two dancers dwell on the stage. Their movements are hasty and wild. After a while the music goes softer. The underground trembling of a didgeridoo blends in. The dancers calm down. On soft, relaxing sounds the movement of the dancers are easy to follow. They un-haste. To finally stop.

Silence. A light beam drops on an empty stage. The surroundings are dark. Suddenly speedy and loud sounds hurries through space. A heavy base is pounding. Fast hard sounds fly in the air.

Images of the dance movement are recorded with a photo camera with 15 second opening time. Creating visual lines, matching shape of sound.

A new coffee cup.
The results were seen at 2 February 1999 in the Cultural Center of Delft, Netherlands. A performance of redesigned rituals and matching artifacts. The dance ritual is performed on own composed music which can be listened to in the sound section.

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